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Booking Hours

2024 Hours

Wednesday - Friday   11 am - 7 pm

Saturday    10am - 6 pm

~by appointment only~

Out call massage bookings must include time needed for commuting purposes, set up and break down of the massage table & equipment, traffic and constantly intrusive road construction. If multiple locations are booked during one workday, appointment start times are based on estimated arrival times but could vary but you will be contacted with any time adjustments if needed.

*appointments outside regular office hours or on days off may be available and will be subject to an additional charge*


Please see my " Schedule Updates " page for scheduled time off and schedule adjustments.


call or text for availability

****Please Note****

I am a one person business and I appreciate keeping a prompt schedule with my clients. While I do return all my voice messages if you need to reach me immediately, please feel free to text. I only check my phone between appointments when not traveling and at the conclusion of my workday. During my weekends it is sometimes difficult for me to get to my messages immediately, but please know, your call is important to me and I will return it as promptly as I can.

Cash, business checks, personal checks, & money orders are all accepted methods of payment.

** The client is responsible for any bank fees incurred for returned checks.

Checks should be made out to "Jill Kerner".

Book Early, Book Often

The best way to guarantee you get the appointment time & day you want is to schedule in advance. Massage therapy is a lot like exercise in that the more you do it, the better your body responds, so schedule early, schedule often. I recommend a massage no less than once every 6 weeks for optimum health benefits. How often someone gets a massage depends on that person's needs, goals and how his or her body is feeling.

To be sure you get your preferred appointment time, be sure to book in advance. I cannot guarantee availability for same-day appointments, though I will certainly accommodate you the best I can.

Deep tissue work is most effective if it is received on a regular basis. This is because your muscles need to be re-trained from their "stressed" state or current holding pattern to a "relaxed" state. Muscles have memory and when you are tight for so long, due to repetitive motion, over use, or injury; your muscles learn to stay in that "stressed" state. Deep tissue work builds upon itself and is a great tool to alleviate sore muscles & get optimal results when you receive it regularly. Be sure to schedule your next massage at the conclusion of your session.

If you discontinue your treatment when you start feeling better,

you are inviting the return of the original problem.

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