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Out Call Massage

prices subject to change.
60 minute minimum session per client.

Massage & Bodywork

$120 for 60min, $180 for 90min, $240 for 120min

My out-call rate start at $120 for the *first 60 minutes, $180 for a 90 minute session, and $240 for 2 hours.

If you are interested in booking 1/2 day or full day of table services, the rate drops to $100/hr after the first 3 hours.

-- Additional fees may apply for commutes that are longer than 45 min round trip.

-- Bookings on the strip & downtown include an additional $20 service charge and the client is responsible for paying valet bill for parking. (Valet is the safest method of parking available)


Because out-call work is very time consuming overall and includes a round-trip commute and setting up/breaking down a temporary workspace; booking multiple people per visit location is optimal when applicable.

*60 minute minimum booking per visit.
Example: 2 people getting 60 min each, total rate starts at $240, but 4 people each getting 60 min massage, total rate starts at $460.

What I need from the client for a successful out call appointment:

-- A space large enough for a massage table to be set up and walking room around it, preferably on the first floor when possible.

-- Access to a sink.

Includes Custom Integrated work = a combination therapy that may use any of the following techniques: Swedish, Deep tissue, sports massage, stretching, shiatsu, acupressure, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapies, hot & cold therapies, aromatherapy, energy work, reflexology points, crystal/gemstone placement, silicon cupping, & sage smudging. This therapy is customized to each individuals needs & pressure preference.

60 or 90 min Custom Integrated massage can be combined with 30minutes of Tuning Fork Therapy, Integrated Reflexology or Reiki.

*60min Custom Integrated massage + 30min Integrated Reflexology =

my most popular combination!

Other (stand alone) therapies offered...

Tuning Fork Therapy® (30min add-on or 60min service)

Integrated Reflexology™ (30min add-on or 60min service)

Reiki (30min add-on or 60 min service)

Lymphatic Drainage (90min minimum service time suggested)

Prenatal (60-120min service ~ custom massage with prenatal precautions;

>>>For all Prenatal clients: *I require authorization from the treating physician/midwife before the first appointment. This provider consent is especially important if you are considered to have a High Risk Pregnancy.

What is High Risk Pregnancy?

~Enhance your Massage with an Add-On~

Full Body Exfoliation- $5

Treat your skin right! Before your massage, I prepare your skin for maximum hydration. I use a dry scrub glove to exfoliate dead skin cells. I scrub you down, from neck to feet. This treatment helps to increase surface circulation, removes dead, rough skin, and prepares your skin for maximum hydration. Your skin will feel smooth, silky, shiny & renewed.

*Suggested combo ~ Coconut Oil Body Massage

Organic Coconut Oil Body Massage - $5

Possibly the most nourishing, antioxidant rich oil we know of. Promotes healthy skin and soft tissue healing. Add organic coconut oil to your full body massage.

Read about the benefits of coconut oil here

*Suggested combo ~ Full Body Exfoliation


or 2 or 3...

Thanks to your referrals, my practice is GROWING.

Got a spouse, family member, friend, room-mate or co-worker who could really use some therapeutic touch? You probably know someone who would really benefit from my therapy and now that you've found me...

share me!

I appreciate and prefer word of mouth referrals from friends & current clients.

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