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Client Testimonials

"I've had numerous massages of different modalities in various cities over the years and Jill really is exceptional. I don't have any major body issues, but I work long hours on my feet and I get tweaks here and there. Jill is a professional, so she's going to have you fill out a health questionnaire and ask about various areas of your body. Only all natural and/or organic products are used. Lying on a heated massage table during winter was so soothing. During my treatments, Jill would use various hot compresses to get my knots to loosen up. I liked the way she'd incorporate a bit of reflexology into the treatments too. Sessions were overall relaxing but she's not afraid to go deeper into problem areas. Afterwards, I'd sleep like a baby and felt able to move much easier the next day. If you can afford to go with the 90 minute massage, it is well worth it."

Roxanna D. Traveling Nurse

"I have dealt with horrible back pain for most of my life, mostly due to a head tilt resulting from a severe vision impairment. My joints are also super wonky... I'm a total mess. Jill knows how to make my body forget about all of that. You may look at this petite woman and think that she couldn't possibly have the strength to give you some serious deep tissue work. Think again. Jill has some impressive strength and knows how to use it. Her techniques are custom to your needs, but for me, she successfully combines relaxation with intense deep tissue massage to give my body everything it needs to have full range of motion, relieve joint pain, and walk out of there with posture my mama would be proud of. I should also mention that Jill is extremely professional, courteous and her facilities are clean and comfortable. She can speak anatomy like a med student. Her smile will brighten your day. I can't say enough good things about the massage experience I get with Be Well Professional Therapy. I make sure I see Jill every time I visit Las Vegas (which is a few times per month for work) and I feel so fortunate to have found her!"

Heather G., Full Time Mom

Jill. Be Well Professional Therapy. So much to say. I found Jill after I learned I was pregnant with my first child. Prenatal massage rose to the top of my priority list and I wanted to patronize a "someone" rather than a corporation which, in Las Vegas, is sometimes hard to do. Destiny lead me to Jill who happened to be only a few miles from my home. My first encounter with her showed me that she was truly a professional, and that she took her craft seriously. I called to schedule a massage with her prematurely (before the end of my first trimester) and she actually refused to see me prior to getting my doctor's clearance. Done. And my confidence in her rose exponentially. When I was finally able to see her, I scheduled a 60 minute massage and left there happier than I thought possible. She is, without a doubt, the best massage therapist I've encountered in both Nevada and California in the 15 years I've been getting massages. At the beginning of each visit, she asked me about my aches, and actually listened to my answers. She attended not only to my achy prego needs , but also to my baby during each visit. I saw her twice a month throughout my pregnancy, and then once a week for 90 minute massages during my last trimester (oh how I needed it!). And I ultimately gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who defies the description "good baby." My child is truly happy and incredibly content, she sleeps well and fusses only if she's truly hungry or wet. And she's been smiling since the day she was born. And I brag about her in order to brag about Jill. I truly believe in the power of positive energy, and Jill brought that to my pregnancy. And to my daughter. as she prepared to enter this crazy and chaotic world. And I will never be able to thank Jill enough for all that she contributed to my pregnancy. She is amazing."

Kerri (prenatal) Full Time Mom

"I have been to numerous massage therapists, and Jill beats them by a mile. I have been seeing Jill for the last year an a half, and each time I've gone to someone else due to schedule conflicts or whatnot, I'm disappointed each time. She has extremely reasonable prices and an easy location to get to. She is very friendly and professional as well. I am always referring her for massages, and I cannot rave about her enough! I work in a high stress position, and I tend to get a lot of knots in my shoulders and back. She definitely gets them all out. No one else comes close!"

Ashley P., Banker

"It is said in an ancient Vedic myth that ten gurus from all over the Indus Valley used to inhabit a cave deep within the strata of the frigid Himalayas. These beacons of wisdom, by their oceanic depths of compassion, would sit in constant meditation to cultivate the fervor of loving kindness in all sentient beings across the earth. Utterly dedicated in their pursuit, they sat perfectly unperturbed in stillness fueled by a cosmic love of all creation. Each one eventually passed on and the last remaining guru continued his passionate samadhi. Then the dissipating master whispered these final words as his soul left towards the embrace of the Universe: "Jill Kerner is amazeballs."

It is a quiet secret among the Las Vegas locale that these benevolent gurus have reincarnated and live on as her ten fingers, still dispensing their boundless love.

Abridged: the best massage I ever had in my life."

Junsu H., Entertainment

"I am writing this review because I took my boyfriend to Jill for a massage. It was a bit of a trek for us and he was totally unaware of where we were going or what we were doing since this was a surprise birthday present. As soon as we walked in Jill's front door, she greeted us so warmly. We forgot about the drive and that gorgeous, relaxing spa smell wafted out. She gets five stars because when the massage was over, I asked my boyfriend how he really liked it (he's a brutally honest dude) and he said that it was the best massage he's ever had and that he definitely wants to continue going to Jill. He certainly isn't one to pamper himself either. Success!!! Thank you so much Jill for making this gift a memorable one!"

Candace D, Theater Teacher

"I had such a great response last night, after working with you for an hour, physically... it was just absolutely mind blowing & amazing. So... I'm hooked!"

Jim, Freelance Video & Photography

"My wife and I both receive massages on a regular basis at home as well as when we travel to many resort locations around the world.

Las Vegas probably has more massage therapist that any other city in the United States so it can be confusing to figure out where to go. However after doing lots of research I found Jill and Be Well Professional Therapy. I knew after reading her website and talking with her extensively she knew exactly what I needed. She is passionate about massage and knows just the right amount or pressure to apply.

I visit Las Vegas a few times a year and the highlight to my visit is scheduling at least one massage to unwind and loosen those tight muscles.

Recently my wife and I celebrated our 25th anniversary in Las Vegas and we both received not one but two different massages on our trip. Nothing else takes the stress and pain away from a long cramped flight like a professional massage given by someone that is so intuitive in being able to read what your body needs.

Thanks again Jill for a wonderful relaxing massage, I can't wait to come back!"

John M., Businessman; Grant Distribution

"I've been having severe back pains and was in dire need of some help to alleviate it so I told my husband about my findings and we booked appointments with Jill the following weekend.

Jill has a nice setup, decor and all. The moment that you walk in, to the moment you walk out, you're in a comfortable, professional environment and she's uber friendly!

This may sound a bit cliche but dammit, it's true: "It's nothing like you've ever had before". She customizes your massage to whatever your needs are. That, coupled with the fact that she is knowledgeable, educates you, listens to what is going on with you and takes the time to show that she really cares about getting you on your way to "Be Well" is something that sets Jill apart. Such an awesome name!

After my massage, I felt so damn relaxed, more than I have ever felt after a massage. There is not another place out here that could ever change my mind about going to them, Jill @Be Well is where I'm going to from now on. My husband and I continued talking about our experience hours afterwards! We really likey!"

Joanne S., Administrator

"I’ve been getting massages for years and when my massage therapist moved I was devastated. She thankfully gave me Jill's name and I couldn't be happier. I can honestly say Jill gives the best massages I"ve ever had. She uses a totally different technique. I can't believe I"ve spent so much money else where. She makes you feel very comfortable but still remains very professional at the same time. She really believes in healthy living. She's been my motivator to start working out and eating right and have noticed a great deal of change since I started getting my massages from her a few months ago. I give her card to all of my friends and co-workers. Her prices are amazing and she offers great specials and extra services! A full spa experience for half the price! Thank you Jill for helping me lead a healthier life inside and out!"

Maria S., Food Service & Bartender

"Love Jill and all she stands for. Her Business name says it all "Be Well", she lives and stands for making sure we lead a healthy and happy life. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for the 'Best in the West' Massage Therapist. Thanks Jill!!!"

Sema B, Book Keeper

"Jill, thank you again for are truly a great friend and a gifted

healer. I feel so much better already, what you are able to do is just utterly


Michael M., Mechanic, United States Air Force

"Wow!!! I just received one of the best massages ever!!! I'm now completely in love with Jill!!! My body so needed that and she put everything back to what it should be!! Awesome..."

Crystal W., (prenatal) Massage Therapist

"I've been receiving massages from Jill for several months, and I've seen the long-term benefits of increased circulation and decreased stress. However, even after the first massage, I experienced the immediate sensation of increased mobility and improved mood."

Mary B., Ed.D.; Administrator

"I started going to Jill because I'd been having tension headaches every day for over a month and I'd been to 3 chiropractors and 6 massage therapists with little to no improvement.

As soon as she started working on me I breathed a sigh of relief because I could immediately tell Jill was making progress where others had failed. Sure enough, after my session, my headaches vanished!

I've been seeing her weekly since. :)

She's worked her magic on my sciatica and a more recent lower back injury that had me barely able to walk. After my session with Jill I could not believe the improvement! Almost 100% pain free!

Aside from being an excellent therapist for injuries/pain etc. Jill also gives the most relaxing massage ever! I swear I've never been so relaxed in my life. I'm pretty sure her hands have magical powers.

Jill is the best massage therapist I've ever been to and that's saying something! I've been to at least 20 different massage therapists in 5 different states.

Whether you're wanting to work on something specific or you just want an unbelievably relaxing massage...I can't recommend Jill enough!"

Amy H., Designer

"After my first massage, I felt the best I've felt in my life. I recommend Jill to my fellow firefighters for muscle therapy & stress reduction."

Greg G., L.V. Firefighter

"I have found Jill Kerner to be an excellent massage therapist. She truly listens to the needs of her clients and adjusts her style to meet those needs. In addition, her personable demeanor adds a soothing element to every session. It's been an absolute pleasure to work with Jill and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking relief from pain, discomfort, or the stresses of the day."

James N., Management

"Jill has been coming over (out-call) to massage my boyfriend and I periodically for about a year now, and we always recommend her to friends and family any chance we get. She has a wonderful peaceful way about her, and her hands are truly healing hands."

Heather W., Cocktail Waitress

"Each time I have a massage with Jill, I feel better than the last time. This is amazing!"

Dave G., Business Owner

"I initially went to Jill for her prices but now see her on a regular basis for her amazing skill and the heart she puts into her job. Not only is Jill a very down to earth person but an excellent massage therapist! I admit that I am addicted to massages and due to my addiction have been to many hotel and shopping mall spa's all over town. I can honestly say Jill is the best massage therapist I have ever had! She is extremely accessible and truly listens to your needs and requests. I have recommend Jill to everyone I know and every time someone visits her for the first time all they can say is 'wow.'"

Rachel C., L.V. Firefighter

"Simply the best! Jill is a wonderful massage therapist and human being - I recommend her to all of my friends and family. She has very strong hands and can work my sore muscles as good as any male therapist ever has, but she also gives a soft and gentle relaxing massage that keeps me coming back for more."

Bruce B., Security

"I have referred Jill to most of my family and friends. She is awesome at what she does and has done her research!! No matter what issue I'm having, whether it be asthma or anxiety, ect, Jill has got a remedy for it!! Her massages are top notch and I can never get enough!! So usually I'll schedule a 90 min. session. I just recently purchased hour long massages for practically the whole family. I'm sure they'll also be very pleased! Personally, I've been seeing Jill for a few years now and I wouldn't switch up therapists for anyone else."

Aaron W., Sales

"I have had some very good and not-so-good massages over the years...Jill's massage was for sure, in the "very good" category. It was both a relaxing and problem-fixing massage which meant that by the time I left, I was pretty spaced out with some knot-free muscles. BTW, I always know a massage was good if I am spaced out by the end.

Me and my girlfriend chose the 60 minute massage. If I had to d

o it over again, I would have gone with the 90 minute massage. If you are like me, you can be a bit hesitant to book a longer massage on your first visit because you're not sure how it will be. My advice is to do it!

Lastly, Jill's pricing is very reasonable. Both me and my girlfriend found it to be a great value which in Vegas, can be hard to come by!"

Josh, CA National Park Employee

"I got my first professional massage ever yesterday by Jill. It was perfect! I had been having lower back pain and was completely stressed out. I finally relaxed and I feel much better...even my back pain has gone down. I'd recommend Jill to anyone who asked about a massage therapist! Thanks Jill!"

Andrea M., Librarian

"Jill is wonderful and offers an experience that is impossible to replicate! She is a talented therapist and well educated in a variety of techniques. Once you are a regular client, you'll enjoy her seasonal specials and have the chance to try something different, ie hot stones and bamboo. I love her aromatherapy blends too! But I must give a verbal hug to her wonderful dogs-which contribute much happiness to my massage experience (completely optional but highly recommended)!"

Starla L., Environmentalist

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