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Namaste, Friend

I'm so happy you found me!


Self love includes giving yourself regular opportunities to disconnect from the static of daily life and take the time to honor what you need to promote your own personal wellness.

I offer you a safe environment and provide customized body & energy work with the intent to promote your personal balance and wellness. During our therapy session, you will have the opportunity to reconnect, reset, relax, and recharge your body, mind, & soul. My intent is for you to leave feeling more balanced physically and energetically than when you arrived.

My name is Jill Kerner and I am a skilled, experienced, confident, intuitive, and passionate, licensed massage therapist, integrated reflexologist, reiki master, and (eCornell) Plant Based Nutrition Certificate holder and I proudly represent my own one-person business,

Be Well Professional Therapy.

I am a sick-care survivor, a plant-based eater, a Lifestyle Medicine enthusiast, a trail runner, cook, educator, therapist, traveler, adventurer, and artist. I've been through some high highs and low lows over the last few years. I've learned a lot. I've empowered myself on many levels. I've taken my wellness back, I've TAKEN MY LIFE BACK.

And with guidance and determination, so can you.

With me, you get a well rounded, emphatic individual who treasures the opportunity to play a roll in your wellness. Whether that applies only to bodywork, or beyond, my intent is to support and enhance your health.

I love sharing information and personal experiences that have promoted my growth, supported my goals, and/or elevated my consciousness with those interested in hearing them.

The human body is dynamic. When illness is present, the physical body will always try to adapt and seek balance (homeostasis). I approach my work holistically and see massage therapy and bodywork as a healing tool for me to help your body help itself be more resilient, find balance, and promote healing & function. The bodywork I offer provides therapeutic value on a physical, emotional, & spiritual level.

I see myself primarily as a "very connected" soft tissue manipulator. Manual massage techniques are what I've been practicing the longest. I've developed an integrated method of massage and bodywork, and I customize each massage specific to your needs and goals, based on my observations and your feedback. My acute sense of touch and intuition combined with years of experience and training have allowed me to mesh my bodywork styles together to form the perfect massage for each individual. My Custom Integrated Massage Therapy allows me to offer each client therapeutic techniques that are relevant to his or her specific needs. I don't like placing limits on my therapy, and my clients benefit from me having a variety of tools to choose from for each session.

I also provide Integrated Reflexology, Reiki, and Tuning Fork Therapy, all of which (if booked independently of massage work), can be received fully clothed. My connection to energy continues to grow daily. I practice reiki regularly to ensure my growth continues.

I serve as a resource and example for Plant Based living and the importance of mindful daily habits for optimal wellness. Self-healing is within your reach and I'm here to help.

I am committed to your comfort and satisfaction and I strive to help you become your healthiest self in a safe and wellness-positive environment.

I know physical and emotional pain, personally. Life will always throw us curve balls because that's life. I still experience all sorts of pain; physically, emotionally, spiritually; and I understand the power of Perception, Meditation, Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness, Empathy, Compassion, Forgiveness, and how an Attitude of Gratitude can allow us to manage life's ebbs and flows more gracefully.

I acknowledge the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and holistic healthcare.

I've experienced the results firsthand.

Be sure to read "My Story" for more details.

I am dedicated to your wellness. Clients describe me as a hard worker who is consistent, motivated, and intuitive. Most people tell me I have a therapeutic style unlike any other body worker they have visited. As someone who has experienced many health issues, including traumatic, repetitive-use, and sports injuries, I have personal empathy and understanding for many conditions. I am a great listener, too. I love my work and want to inspire you to live a healthier, balanced, and fulfilling life!

As of August 2020, I only offer out-call massage therapy. As an experienced practitioner, it's become increasingly important for me to be selective with my workload. For safety-sake, I prefer new clients be referred to me personally via current clients or friends.

Custom Integrated Massage Therapy

Any kind of manual depth therapy you require, for one easy price!

Integrated Reflexology & Reiki


by appointment only ~ call or text to schedule

This is your time to relax and replenish.



Manang Valley, Nepal (8/13)

This is a professional massage therapy business. No lewd or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated.

Any such behavior will result in immediate termination of the service.

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